Oil Field Chemicals for Drilling Fluids Providers

Oil Field Chemicals for Drilling Fluids Providers

Drilling Fluid Suppliers

TCI China has been working with drilling fluid providers to the oil industry for many years. We are pleased to work with a range of Drilling Fluids suppliers across a host of countries internationally.  TCI China alongside our partners to provide oil field chemicals that enable them to offer innovative and effective drilling fluids to clients worldwide.

Our Oil Field Chemicals solutions enable our clients to offer a range of drilling fluids for many types and complexity of wells include extended-reach, horizontal and deviated, multi-leg, disposal, HTHP, SAGD, HDD pipeline, and critical sour gas.

Operational Experience

Our team of Oil field chemical experts has over 50 years experience working with drilling fluid companies to offer them expert chemical sourcing solutions from China.

Our team’s goal is to maintain and optimize the chemicals offerings for our drilling fluid clients and provide them with rapid communications and solutions to solve their clients’ needs in oil drilling operations.

Our systematic approach is designed to create tailored oil field chemical supply chain solutions for our clients.

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How We Operate

When a request arrives, our team will seek MSDS and spec sheets from the client and then recommend the most appropriate product and offer the client FOB and shipped prices.

Lookback and Review

Once a delivery has been sent to our clients, a member of our team will contact the client to get updates on the chemicals’ performance. This lookback is critical as the results can impact on future chemical requirements for the drilling fluids.

This review and help improve the chemicals and potentially reduce costs for the client.

Oilfield Chemicals

TCI China are pleased to offer sourcing and delivery of the following Oil Field Chemicals worldwide:

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