Natural Graphite - Amorphous or Flake Graphite

Natural Graphite - Amorphous or Flake Graphite

Graphite - Oil Drilling Chemicals


Natural Graphite is also known as Amorphous Graphite of Flake Graphite. It is used in oil drilling as a natural lubricant.

Graphite Powder has a greasy feel and has a very low coefficient of friction. Chemically, Graphite Powder is the pure form of carbon.

Graphite Powder is used as a torque reducer in directional or crooked holes when a water-based mud system is being used. Torque reduction does not become significant until a concentration of 3.0 kg/m³ is exceeded. The optimum concentration is in the range of 6.0-7.0 kg/m³.

The grades of Natural Graphite which TCI offers is:

Flake Graphite Specs

The grades of Amorphous graphite which TCI offers is:

Amorphous Specs

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Preparation & Procedures

Graphite Powder is added to the mud system through the mud-mixing hopper. Because it is extremely fine, it is recommended that a dust mask and goggles be worn while the graphite is being mixed.

Note: Graphite Powder will have the same effect as ball bearings on any hard surface.  Post warning signs should be posted if any graphite is spilled and actions to immediately sweep up should be undertaken.

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