Calcium Nitrate - Drilling Fluid Additive

Calcium Nitrate - Drilling Fluid Additive

Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate has many uses when it comes to oil and gas drilling. Calcium nitrate is used in set accelerating concrete admixtures and oil well cement. Using Calcium Nitrate with either concrete or mortar is based on two effects. The calcium ion accelerates the formation of calcium hydroxide and thus precipitation and setting. This effect is also used in cold weather concreting agents as well as some combined plasticizers.

Calcium Nitrate can also be used as a calcium source in invert oil emulsions.

Calcium Nitrate is an excellent source of Calcium for clear-water drilling. Calcium Nitrate is an excellent source of Calcium for clear water drilling. In moderate quantities, nitrates are a plant nutrient and can ultimately be consumed, actually aiding in revegetation of oil well sites. The general “rule of thumb” is to maintain a minimum of 200-400 mg/L (1-3 kg/m3) of Calcium ion for clear water drilling.

Calcium nitrate is used in wastewater pre-conditioning for odor emission prevention.

When sourcing Calcium Nitrate from China, one has to be aware of the international transport restrictions regarding this product’s transport.  The explosion in Beirut was a  result of poor storage of Ammonium Nitrate.  The solution to reducing the volatility and subsequent danger is to add ammonium to the mix. It results in the product becoming Calcium Ammonium Nitrate.

Preparation & Procedures

Calcium Nitrate can be added to water in a separate identifiable container, and then this pre-dissolved mixture can be added through the hopper. All users should be aware that ammonia gas will be liberated in the presence of excess hydroxide concentration.

Ammonia gas will irritate the nose, throat, and respiratory system and can cause eye injury. It is advisable to wear protective PPE, including a dust mask and eye protection while mixing powdered products.

Calcium Nitrate should be stored securely away from combustible materials and reducing agents.

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