Calcium Chloride - Drilling Fluid Additive

Calcium Chloride - Drilling Fluid Additive

Oil Drilling Chemicals - Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride – TCI offers the complete spectrum of drilling fluid additives that fulfill the role of enhancing and supporting most drilling operations. Calcium Chloride can be used as a shale inhibitor. Shale inhibitors are used to prevent shale from swelling.

Calcium Chloride Powder is utilized as an inhibitor to control dynamic shale and earth-shattering. It very well may be utilized in polymer mud to limit the development of gas hydrates.

Calcium Chloride Powder can be used to prevent clays from absorbing liquids and disintegrating.  Calcium Chloride is suitable for fluid systems which require pressure densities from 8.4 to 11.8 lb/gal.

Calcium Chloride can be also used to reduce the breakup of large salt sections and salt stringers as these could become a risk to drilling.

It can also be used as a material to add weight to oil mud during the water phase.

In some oil drilling functions which are experiencing circulation reductions due to saturated sale, Calcium Chloride may be suitable to be used as a potential bridging agent to assist in resolving this issue.  Calcium Chloride Powder is also used as a bridging agent for lost circulation in saturated salt systems. Calcium Chloride can also be used, in fluid form, for special applications and winter use.

Preparation & Procedures

Calcium Chloride Powder is extremely corrosive. It is important to use standard chemical handling procedures when using Calcium Chloride.  People should use suitable gloves, goggles, masks, and clothing for their protection and comfort.

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