China Business Consulting Services

China Business Consulting Services

China Business Consulting Services

TCI China’s approach, for its clients, is to offer a single point of contact, a trusted advisor, who will develop a deep understanding of its client’s business’s needs and requirements for the Chinese market. Then, with the rest of our team, they will work to help identify growth, sustainability and profitability improvement opportunities from China.
Your TCI China Business Advisor can help with:

Make your business ready for China

Positioning your business for success in China is no easy task. Our advisors will support you on regulatory alignment, logistics and customs clearance, market localization, language, and culture. We will work to clarify your market position and developing a strategic business plan and tactics for China.

Conduct Chinese market research for your products.

Analyzing the potential market in China will save you time and money. Our advisors will analyze the demand in China for your products, assesses suitable locations in China where your product can be successful and benchmark against similar competitor products.

Identify a suitable China business strategy

Are you looking to sell to a business in China, or are you looking to sell directly to the consumer in China, or are you looking for a mixture of both? Our team will work with you to identify which option has the most potential and in turn create a strategy that meets your requirements.

Create a Chinese digital strategy

In China, technology and digital are rapidly evolving and changing. Our advisors can keep you up-to-date so that you’re fully informed of the current trends in China and provide you with working with solutions that are right for your Chinese business strategy.
TCI China’s support as your China advisor will help you to overcome the day to day challenges you face when doing business in China and put the right actions in place to grow shareholder value.

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Our fees commence from £105 per hour (excluding VAT).



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