Global Product Sourcing Consulting Services

Global Product Sourcing Consulting Services

Global Sourcing Agency Services

Why Choose TCI for your Global Sourcing Needs?

We believe in building a complete solution for our clients. From finding the correct supplier or manufacturer for your product to a robust supply chain solution, that reduces your risk when buying internationally. We are proud of the range of services that help reduce the risk for business owners worldwide when purchasing products from including Bi-Lingual Purchase contracts, Quality Control Inspections, export data protection, IP & Trademark protection.

Over the years, our clients have also enjoyed the benefits of accessing TCI’s network of global logistics providers. Our network offers our clients the ability to get the best freight rates and helps them get shipping space during times where there is little space capacity available when goods are coming out of many of the countries we source products.


Countries TCI offers Product Sourcing Agency Services

TCI sources products for buyers in the following countries (Click on a country to learn more)

TCI offers specialised Furniture Sourcing Services for South America, Europe and Asia.

TCI offers all new clients a free, no-obligation, 15-minute call with one of our experts to chat with you on your global sourcing matters. See the contact details below

Global Sourcing Agency – TCI is a European owned and managed company operating in Europe and China for over 18 years. Over that time, we have provided sourcing services to organisations and people from across the world. We work with firms of all sizes, from global brands down to a family run business, helping them source a wide variety of products from China, Turkey, India, and Europe with reduced risks and an end to end supply chain service.

During all our years, we built up access to over 25,000 manufacturers & suppliers who supply a broad range of goods and products in sectors such as:

  • Construction Materials
  • Furniture
  • Chemicals
  • Medical Supplies
  • Home & Garden
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Gifts & Crafts
  • Textiles & Leather
  • Agricultural
  • Office & School Supplies

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How TCI Sourcing Consulting Services works


We break Sourcing into two essential parts – Pre Trial Order and Post Trial Order. There are six stages in our process.

Determine the Client Requirements

We work with our client to draw up complete and detailed specification requirements for the product they are looking to source. Items covered include product specifications, quality standards, minimum order quantities, accessories, packing and packaging requirements, labelling and target pricing.

Often during this process, clients may identify a gap in their information, requiring some additional work on their side to address this issue.

We then identify the potential target producer countries to source the goods from.

Identify Suppliers

After we have completed stage 1, our team will research TCI’s 25,000 supplier contacts to identify potential suppliers who meet the client’s requirements and have the capability to produce a product to the client’s needs and demands.

We aim to provide our client with many potential suppliers to review to determine which are the most suitable.


Our team of trained negotiators will visit the suppliers to conduct face to face negotiations. During this process, our client can become involved in agreeing on the terms of a deal.

The objective should always be to place a trial order with the supplier. Once we are satisfied, we then place a Trial Order


Once the Trial Order has been completed our team will arrange a meeting with our client to review the product they received and any issues they encountered during the ordering and delivery process.

A decision is then decided to proceed with a preferred supplier to commence producing the client’s products.

Address Issues

We will contact the supplier and review the issues and experiences learned from the trial order. Feedback from the client and the supplier will enable any issues or concerns to be addressed.

A production schedule is also discussed during this phase.

Standardised Ordering Process

Our team will implement and standardise the practices along the entire supply chain. We design quality control inspection templates and reports, purchase contacts and the export licences used to export the goods from the supplier to the client.

We will also formalise the supply chain’s logistics element with either the clients preferred provider or one of TCI’s network Logistics providers.

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