Have Your Products & Company China Export Ready

Have Your Products & Company China Export Ready

China Market Entry Consulting

China Market Entry Consulting – Over recent years, China has become an importer of a wide variety of products. While China has traditionally imported raw materials for its factories, it has now transitioned to importing food and consumable products from foreign suppliers.

Today, there are opportunities for many producers from across the world to promote, export and sell their products in China.

For most products, there is a registration process which all foreign companies must undertake to enable their products to enter the Chinese market.

TCI China’s Advisors are highly experienced in this area and can assist your company in developing and implementing a plan to make your company and its goods export ready for the Chinese market.

TCI China’s approach uses the belief that the core knowledge of issues, opportunities, and risks lies with crucial people within your company. We provide objective support to harness this knowledge to develop suitable solutions for the Chinese market.


You will be assigned a dedicated advisor and China support team who can support you on:

  • Chinese customs registration;
  • China import record creation;
  • Chinese packing and labeling requirements;
  • China transport documentation requirements;
  • China payments advice;
  • China strategic market analysis;
  • China Industry and competitor analysis;
  • China market research;


Our fees commence from £105 per hour (excluding VAT).

Aidan Conaty – China Consultant

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