China Supply Chain Consulting

China Supply Chain Consulting

China Supply Chain Consultation

China Supply Chain Consulting

China Supply China Consulting – A fundamental error made by many companies wishing to deal with China is poor planning. Problems such as product quality issues, late arrival of goods, language obstacles, safe transfer of funds, contractual issues, large unexpected import duties, and logistical issues are common ingredients of the China learning curve. Consultation on all the above issues can alleviate these problems and provide your business with the fundamentals required for conducting business successfully in China.

TCI China has a proven track record of working with companies to address these fears and achieve the maximum benefit from China.

Areas of consultation cover:

  • Product Sourcing in China
  • Communication channels with China
  • Quality Control in China
  • China Logistics
  • Trade Contracts with Chinese Manufacturers
  • Tradeshows in China
  • China Culture overview
  • Traveling to China


Our fees commence from £105 per hour (excluding VAT).

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