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Selling Into China

Looking to sell into China? We can advise you on how to get your products' approved to be exported to China, we can conduct customer market research in China and assist you to find customers in the most suitable areas of China.

China Business Consultation

A fundamental error made by many companies wishing to deal with China is poor planning, not knowing the correct questions to ask or asking the right person. Our expertise assists companies to overcome these challenges

China Assistance Services

Let’s face it – no one likes to think much about the obstacles when doing business in China. With almost 20 years of a presence in China, our experience has been built assisting companies to overcome these difficulties

TCI China focuses on assisting its clients to increase their opportunities, value and wealth from doing business in China.

We work with companies of all sizes. Our consulting services include; China Sales & Business Development, China Customer Service Centre Support, China Business Intelligence, China Trade Protection Services, China Procurement, China legal Support, and China Risk Reduction services.

Our team of international consultants coupled together with a strong team of local professionals enables us to help you with a wide range of business services for the Chinese market. We can support you in achieving sustained growth while building a robust Chinese business model for the future or driving down costs while improving productivity.

If you have questions about developing sales into China or are looking for impartial and independent advice on your current China sourcing strategy, contact TCI China today.

Andrew - Millbay

"I learned from Aidan that the only way to proceed and be a success in China is by taking steps to reduce the very real risks there."

Jimmy - Farmhand

“I would highly recommend using TCI, total professionals; they make the process of purchasing abroad a simpler, safer affair”

Liam - Kelly Bros

"Their professional approach and attention to our requests was excellent. Their knowledge and expertise in dealing with our Chinese Suppliers was of great benefit to us".

James - SNG

"TCI has been a huge help to our company especially Jenny and Aidan they bring an exceptional level of negotiating and business acumen to the table."

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China eCommerce Consulting

China is the largest internet market in the world, and the country accounts for over 40% of the total global online sales. It is bigger than the combined demand of the USA and the EU. TCI China's eCommerce Consulting Services can assist your company to benefit from this sales potential

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China Business Advisory Services

Our team of consultants is specially trained in China to provide your company with the most up to date advice and guidance necessary to ensure that it maximizes the benefits and minimizes the risks when trading in China.

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China Export Ready Services

TCI China’s Advisors are highly experienced in this area and can assist your company in developing and implementing a plan to make your company and its goods export ready for the Chinese market.

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China Inspection Services

Quality Control Inspections are an integral element when sourcing products from any country. TCI's Inspection services now also include inspections that support companies exporting to China who want to reduce the inherent risks faced when selling to China.

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China Market Research

TCI China can assist your company in overcoming the challenge of conducting market research in China and support you to analyze any potential marketplace in China.

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China Sales Support Services

SME exporters also face difficulties with a lack of understanding of Chinese culture, its language, and business customs. This can lead to confusion and potential conflict between the buyer and seller. TCI has created affordable tailored services that enable our clients to overcome all these.

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China Trademark Services

Intellectual property rights infringement is a problem in China. TCI China has services that protect your companies IP property in China.

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China Assistance Services

Let’s face it – no one likes to think much about the obstacles when doing business in China. But with our Assistance Services it doesn’t have to be a scary subject.

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China Supply Chain Consulting

TCI China's Supply Chain Consulting Services supports clients who require a robust supply chain for goods going into or goods going out of China. Our consultants are there to also support and advise clients on how to remedy any immediate problems or issues which they face with their current supply chain.

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China Purchasing Consulting Services

There are many challenges when starting something new. This applies when trying to source products from China. TCI China as sourcing services that assist companies to overcome these challenges.

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China Supplier Data Protection Services

Do you know that customs information enables your competitors or customers to easily find out who is supplying products to you? They could then contact this supplier and buy from them. TCI China has services that protect your supplier data.

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At TCI China we’re committed to supporting you and your business to trade successfully in China.


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