Buying from China

Buying from China

Buying from China

Buying from China offers many rewards, but it also offers many challenges, including finding the correct supplier, getting the right product and negotiating the best price.

Even the most experiencing people working with trusted Suppliers and with the best-planned supply chains can experience unforeseen difficulties.  This is where TCI Chinas services can become so valuable.

Our consultants have over 20 years of experience assisting clients in analysing their sourcing and supply chain issues, designing solutions to address these issues and implementing procedures which fix these issues.

The main services which we offer to those companies buying from China include (click on the link to learn more):

We work with companies of all sizes and with all types of products. Our services increase buying opportunities, but they also focus on reducing any risks that your company may be exposed to when sourcing from China.

Aidan Conaty – China Consultant

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