Selling Seafood to China

Selling Seafood to China

Selling Seafood to China

Selling Seafood to China


Selling Seafood to China – Do you want to develop and grow your seafood exports into China? TCI has been successfully working with clients from across the world to set up and establish sales of its seafood products in China.

Clients who already are selling their seafood in China may require our services to increase their customer support to their existing buyers or provide them with a China contact address and telephone number. Some may even enquire if TCI China can assist them in developing a China Seafood Sales Growth Strategy.

For clients who are interested in developing sales into China but have not yet sold any seafood to China, TCI China has a team of experts who are dedicated to assisting your company to:

  • Confirm if your seafood products are allowed to be sold into China.
  • Get your company approved in China so that your seafood products are permitted to enter China.
  • Work with your company to ensure that its packing, labels and documents meet Chinese rules and regulations.
  • Research the market in China for potential buyers of your products.
  • Prepare a China Sales & Marketing Strategy to launch and promote your seafood to buyers in China.

Our goal at TCI China is to maximize your seafood sales opportunities and minimize your company’s risks. We help our clients overcome the language, cultural, time zone and financial challenges experienced by many companies who sell seafood to China.

We work with companies of all sizes from small family-run businesses to large global multinationals.

Why not contact TCI China today? We offer a Free 15-minute consultation with you about selling seafood into China, or this consultation can help answer any questions you may have.

The first risk about selling your seafood to China is not trying to sell to China.


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