China Trademark Services

China Trademark Services

Since 2003, TCI China has dedicated itself to guiding clients in securing their brand’s safety and offering expert advice for effective trademark and intellectual property management. We’re here to relieve this stress, bringing our seasoned expertise to China’s trademark protection. Expect from us a straightforward, sensible approach. Our commitment is to support you in shielding your brand and fostering your business growth, providing pragmatic trademark counsel and services at a cost that aligns with your commercial objectives.

Our Trademark Services include

  • Submitting your Trademark for Registration in China
  • Reclaim your Trademark in China
  • China Trademark Name Research
  • Trademark Name Registration with China Customs

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Case Studies of TCI China's Expertise in Trademark Issues

UK Company: Resolving Trademark Conflict in China

A prominent UK electrical company faced a major hurdle in China when their branded products were detained at a Chinese port. The issue arose because an Australian company had registered the same trademark with Chinese Customs. TCI China swiftly negotiated permission from the Australian firm, allowing the UK company’s goods to be shipped from China. Concurrently, we filed for a new trademark with the Chinese Trademark Registration Bureau (CTRB). Upon approval of this new trademark, we registered it with Chinese Customs, ensuring the UK company’s products faced no further detentions due to trademark conflicts.


USA Company: Reclaiming a Hijacked Trademark

A major US corporation encountered a trademark squatter in China, who demanded an exorbitant fee while threatening the company’s brand reputation. TCI China took charge, compiling evidence of squatting and non-use of the trademark. We filed a revocation application with the Chinese Trademark Bureau, leading to the successful annulment of the squatter’s trademark. Subsequently, we secured the trademark for our client through the China Trademark Bureau.


Ireland Company: Facilitating Market Entry in China

An esteemed Irish food brand sought to penetrate the Chinese market. Engaging TCI China early in their market entry strategy, we assisted them in registering both their English and Chinese brand names with the China Trademark Bureau. Despite initial delays and market entry postponements, we proactively ensured the continuation of their trademark protection. Before their market re-entry, we managed the renewal of their trademark registrations, equipping their marketing team to confidently promote and distribute their products across online and offline channels in China.


These cases exemplify TCI China’s strategic prowess in navigating complex trademark issues, ensuring seamless market access and brand protection for our international clients in China.

China Trademark Application Process

1. Client contacts TCI China to request its Trademark Service
2. Client provides trademark names, logos and product name.
3. The client provides the product classifications specified for the trademark application.
4. Payment issued to QTCI for Trademark Work
5. The client provides supporting documentation for the application.
6. All Documents translated into Chinese
7. The Trademark Name Registration application is prepared.
8. The Application is submitted to the Chinese Trademark Office.
9. Trademark registeration with Chinese Customs

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China Trade Mark Service – Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property rights infringement is a problem in China.  It’s an issue for companies who are selling their products in China. Some companies have had to pay large sums of money to Chinese speculators who have registered their company name and then sold it to these companies. This act is not illegal in China.

Therefore, registering your intellectual property and trademark in China is vital. The registration process for a trademark application in China can take up to 12 months. Trademarks are only protected once the application has been approved.  Companies should conduct due diligence to see if similar trademarks are registered. Current trademarks can be researched at the China Trademark Office’s official database.

China is also a signatory to several international intellectual property (IP) treaties administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).