A career with TCI China will put you in good company.

We provide strong and supportive leadership, a dynamic environment, and opportunities to follow your career path of choice, as well as competitive benefits. So if you want to join a leading, international company, and you want to innovate, inspire and be inspired, take a look at what TCI China has to offer.

Why Join Us

There’s no one answer. The reasons are as diverse as our people. Simply put, TCI China is an amazing place to work.

We know you want more than a job – that you can get anywhere. You want to put your talents to good use. You want a career. Preferably with a company that will challenge you to be your best, every day. With people who recognize your potential, and encourage you to flourish.

What better place than within an expanding, global company like TCI China? Our range of products and services requires a variety of skill sets and interests. We’re constantly growing and evolving, and that means new opportunities around every corner.

We offer job rotation and global employment programs – great ways to learn about our global business. These opportunities help create future leaders and contribute to our international growth.

Around the world, our culture is supportive and encouraging. We want you to innovate, to lead, to aspire.