Our History

Our History

TCI China - Our History

“Our History – Mapping TCI China with the Emergence of China as a Global Economy.”

2002 -Our founders visited China in search of products that they could provide the catering industry in Ireland.  Similar to many international business visitors to China, they saw many opportunities that China could afford to their company.

During a follow-up visit, the directors met with local officials in Qingdao, to establish a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), office and staff in Qingdao, China. This exporting license enabled TCI China to independently export products out of China, without the need of any Chinese agents.

TCI China discovered that doing business in China was completely different than it was in the western world. A decision was made for TCI to focus on offer China supply chain consulting services to small and medium western enterprises.

2006 – After an investment of over €1million TCI China launched its “Business Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises sourcing from China.”

2010 – TCI China launches TCI China Quality Control & Inspection Services. This service offers Product Quality Checks and Seller Verifications Service across all parts of China.

2015 – TCI China launches a dedicated food consultancy service that supports foreign companies wishing to develop and grow their sales into China. TCI China initially focuses on Seafood products and then shortly afterward, TCI moves into other foods and beverages.

2016 – TCI China expands its “Selling into China Consultancy Service.” This service supports companies across all product sectors and who require support to develop and grow their sales into China.

2017 – TCI China launches its China Customer Call Centre services. This service enables foreign companies to access a trained bi-lingual trained customer service team in China.

2019 – TCI China commences providing a dedicated China eCommerce Consulting Service for companies seeking to develop online sales into China.