Hide Import Data - Protect Your China Information

Hide Import Data - Protect Your China Information

Hide Import Data - China Supplier Data Protection Service

Has your company invested resources in developing foreign suppliers for its products in China? Does your company have a competitive sales advantage over its rivals because of this?

If you’ve ever imported anything, you will most likely have heard of a document called the “Bill of Lading.” A “Bill of Lading” lists detailed information about your shipment, including your name, your supplier’s name, and details of the shipped goods.

But do you know that in many countries, customs make the information on the “Bill of Lading” accessible to anyone? This action means that your competitors or customers can easily find out who is supplying products to you. They could then contact this supplier and buy from them.

Do you know that your Chinese suppliers can use this information to find out what countries and locations you are sending your goods? They can then use this information to contact your customers or competitors and sell directly to them.

How TCI China Protect Your Information?

TCI China’s “Exporter of Record” Service.

TCI China will use its China exporting license to become the “Exporter of Record” for your exports from China. TCI Chinas details will then appear on the Suppliers section on the “Bill of Lading” data, instead of your actual Chinese suppliers.

Your sensitive information now becomes hidden from those competitors or customers who might want to find who and where you are sourcing your products. This service also protects your destination data from the Chinese supplier and can prevent them from entering your market to sell to your competitors or customers

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