Portugal Sourcing Agent Services

Portugal Sourcing Agent Services

Portugal Sourcing Agent Services

Portugal Sourcing Agent Services


Portugal Sourcing Agent Services –  Buying from China, India or Asia has become more expensive and problematic over recent years.  Many buyers in the UK and Europe are now looking to source products from countries closer to them. If you are looking to reduce the overall cost of your goods, have you considered buying products from Portugal? Portugal offers low-cost products with low transport costs to British and European buyer’s. TCI now offers Portugal Sourcing Agent Services to UK and European Buyers.

Portugal has several niche export goods which many buyers may find attractive.  Its top exported goods include Textiles, Apparel, Footwear, Home Appliances, Building Materials, Food, Furniture, Chemicals, Iron, Steel, and Wine.

Last year, Portugal exported over $61 billion worth of products. Its most significant market is the European Union, with Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands accounting for 58.5% of Portugal’s exports. Its most prominent non-EU destinations are the UK (5.5% of its Exports), the USA (5% of its exports) and Angola (1.6% of its exports).

For almost 20 years, TCI has been offering Global Sourcing Agency services to its clients. Our services respond to clients’ demands. Today, we now provide Sourcing Agent Services in Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Europe, India, and China. We work with companies of all sizes, from small family firms to large global giants.


Looking for Products from Portugal? – Let Portugal Sourcing Agents help You.

Our Sourcing agents are based in our Porto office.  Our team have over 20 years in assisting buyers to source their goods from Portugal. Our team’s goal is to help you maximise your product sourcing opportunities while minimising the costs.


Low-Cost Portugal Sourcing Consulting Services

We do not charge you a commission rate for our sourcing services. Instead, we earn our fees by charging you an hourly rate during each stage of the purchasing process. Therefore, you remain in complete control of the purchasing process and can use our services as and when you require them.


Reduce Costs in your Portugal Supply Chain

Did you know that TCI also can help its clients to build a Supply Chain in Portugal? Our team comes from a Sourcing and Logistics background. We have assisted many clients in building their Supply Chain in Portugal.

Clients often hire TCI to conduct an independent and full cost review of their current Portugal Supply Chain.  We review the Supply Chain structure and costs and search for ways to bring in savings. The key areas that we work on for you include:

  • Identifying other possible suitable factories and sellers in Portugal.
  • Focusing on reducing the defect rates of your goods.
  • Connecting you with Freight Companies that specialise in transport from Portugal.


Moving Manufacturing Away from China and the Far East

For over 20 years, TCI has been assisting its clients to source products from China and the Far East. As high transport costs and delivery times increase, many buyers are now looking to find suppliers and manufacturers in countries that are closer to them. TCI helps clients to move their manufacturing to Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Europe and India.


Aidan Conaty –  Sourcing Agent – Portugal

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