Product Sourcing Agent Services in Europe

Product Sourcing Agent Services in Europe

Europe Product Sourcing Services

Europe Product Sourcing Services

Many British and European firms are seeking to bring elements of their Far East supply chain back closer to their home countries. This strategy enables them to reduce their costs of transport, costs of storage and costs of finance.  Many firms, especially those involved with furniture products, find that sourcing products from Europe are cheaper when compared to China or the Far East. TCI has been assisting British and European buyers to source products from Europe for over 10 years.

As one of the largest global trading blocs, the European Union offers buyers a diverse range of products. Many buyers often incorrectly see Europe as an expensive area to source goods. However, since the financial crisis in 2008, Europe offers fantastic value in the areas of Furniture, Wood Products, Construction Suppliers, Apparel and Fabrics, Food and Alcoholic Beverages.

Last year, Europe exported over $2,193 billion worth of products. Its largest exports markets are the USA (18.2% of the EU exports), the United Kingdom (13%), China (10.5% of Exports), Switzerland (7.4% of the EU’s exported goods), and Russia (4.1% of exports).

Since 2004, TCI has been assisting its clients to buy products from China. However, as demands from International Buyers change, so too does our services. Today, buyers in the UK and Europe are looking to source products that require shorter delivery times and lower costs. TCI launched its Global Sourcing Agency Services for Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Europe and India to meet these needs. We work with companies of all sizes, from small family firms to large global giants.

Searching for Suppliers and Products in Europe?  Let TCI’s Sourcing Agents help You.

TCI’s European sourcing teams have been helping global buyers for more than 10 years.  We focus all our energies to provide our clients with the right product at the right price.

Low-Cost European Sourcing Services

TCI tries to offer its clients the best value European Sourcing Consulting Services. We generate our revenues by charging hourly rates. The great thing is that you can pick and choose what services you need for us to do. Also, we do not charge follow up commissions, so you get complete control of the purchasing process.


European Supply Chain Cost Reduction Services

Are you looking to buy from new suppliers located in Europe? If yes, TCI offers buyers a service that helps buyers construct a robust European Supply Chain that meets their requirements.  Our experts have backgrounds in Logistics, Warehousing, Quality Inspections and Customs Clearance.

Already have a European Supply Chain? Would you like to have a highly trained consulting team conduct a cost review of this supply chain and look for savings for your firm? Our team consists of Cost Accountants, Sourcing Consultants and Logistics Professionals.  The main areas where they will review include:

  • Researching other similar European products and Suppliers for price comparisons.
  • Analysing ways to reduce the cost of defects.
  • Reviewing your transport and warehousing costs.

Transferring Production from China to Europe

For almost 20 years, TCI has provided project managing services that assisted clients in transferring their production to China. Due to higher production costs in China and higher transport costs, many firms are now looking to move production away from China. TCI offers a project management consulting service that assists clients TCI to relocate their production to India, Turkey, Portugal, Spain and Europe.


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