Turkey Sourcing Agent Services

Turkey Sourcing Agent Services

Turkey Sourcing Agent Services

Product Sourcing Agent Services in Turkey


Are you looking to move your souring away from the Far East? Are you looking to buy products from suppliers in a new country? Do you want to reduce the costs of the products which you currently purchase? If the answer is yes to any of the above, have you considered souring your products from Turkey?

Turkey has become a leader in global exports.  Products include Electrical, Machinery, Apparel, Food, Furniture, Textiles, Chemicals, Construction products and Carpets. Its largest export markets are Germany, the UK, Iraq, Italy, and the USA, which account for over 25% of its exports. It exports over $170 billion worth of products.

TCI is a European owned sourcing company. Since 2004, We have been assisting clients to source their products from Turkey and many other countries across the world. We work with companies of all sizes, from small family firms to large global giants. We help these companies source products from Turkey, India, Portugal, Spain and China.

Product Sourcing from Turkey – Let Our Agents help You.


We have product sourcing agents based in our Turkey office. Our team can help you find your products in any part of Turkey. Our objective is to enable you to maximise your product sourcing opportunities while minimising your expenses.


Low Fee Sourcing Agent Consulting Services for Turkey

We do not charge you a commission rate for our Turkey sourcing consulting services. Instead, we earn our fees by charging you an hourly rate during each stage of an agreed purchasing process. Therefore, you remain in complete control of the purchasing process in Turkey and can use our services as and when you need assistance.


Turkey Supply Chain Cost Savings Solutions

Not only does TCI assist its client’s source products in Turkey, but we also offer services that assist clients to build a complete supply chain for the goods purchased from Turkey. We also can bring in savings across the entire supply chain. The key areas that we work on for you include:

  • Identifying the most suitable factories and sellers in Turkey.
  • Linking you up with a Third Party Quality Control Inspection company in Turkey.
  • Connecting you with Logistics Firms that specialise in Turkish Freight.


Relocate Production Away from China – Find New Suppliers

TCI has been working with its clients for almost twenty years. As freight prices and the cost of products increase in China, many firms are now seeking to find new producers in new countries. TCI can assist its clients in relocating their production to new suppliers in India, Portugal, Spain, and Europe.

Aidan Conaty – Product Sourcing Agent – Turkey

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