Oil Field Chemicals – Brief Sourcing Guide and Tips

Oil Field Chemicals – Brief Sourcing Guide and Tips

Oil Field Chemicals – The production of oil and gas is dynamic and ever-changing. The methods and procedures used to drill, extract and process oil and gas are constantly advancing and evolving. The continuous drive to upgrade and develop efficient extraction processes means the need for specialized oil field chemicals is continuously changing.

Many folks seek solutions that can help them address a particular need or requirement, such as reducing the ph balance in water treatment. So below are answers to some very general oil field chemical questions. The purpose of this is not to provide detailed explanations but to give readers some answers to basic questions which they may have.

TCI China is trusted by its clients to provide them with products they can use to meet the local soil needs of a particular oilfield. If you require any specific assistance, please do not hesitate to contact my team or me.

What are Oil field chemicals?

Oil Field Chemicals are used by the Oil and Gas Industry to improve and bring operational efficiencies in the drilling, extraction, and processing of oil and gas. The key areas include:

  • Drilling operations and flow simulation
  • Ensuring Pipeline Integrity
  • Waste processing
  • The treatment of Water
  • Protection of natural areas
  • Spillage and contamination management


So, what are the most popular Oil Field Chemicals?

The most popular oil field chemicals depend on the process the chemical will be used for, whether for drilling, extraction, or processing. Also, the soil conditions can dictate which quantities and purpose of the chemicals. That being said, below are some of the most popular oil field chemicals:


What are the differences between Oil Field Chemicals Suppliers and Oilfield Chemical Companies?

Oil field chemical companies specialize in a targeted range of products. Say a Xanthan Gum company generally will only have the equipment to produce Xanthan Gum and possibly some other starch-based products. They would not have the ability to produce graphite or Calcium Chloride.

Oil Field Suppliers generally are not producers. They are specialist suppliers of oil field chemicals to firms that operate in the oil and gas industry, such as drilling fluids and water treatment.

If you are souring direct and need inspectors to verify a supplier or inspect products, try Goodada Inspections.

What information do I need to have to source Oil Field Chemicals?

Many people contact TCI enquiring about purchasing a general type of chemical. However, our teams require more exact information to advise of the price and availability. When people are asked for this information, many folks simply don’t know or do not have the precise information. This lack of detail prevents TCI from processing the inquiry and providing a price and availability.

So below are the main pieces of information that buyers should have ready when enquiring about oil field chemical products:

  • Have a Certificate of Analysis (also called a COA).
  • Knows the chemical concentration level you need.
  • Have details of what form the chemical must be made to? Is it prill, flake, powder, granule, or liquid
  • Know how the oil field chemical needs to be packed.
  • Understand the different types of packing materials needed for each chemical.
  • Advise on the product and supplier certificates.
  • First order quantity that is required.


How can I source Oil Field Chemicals from China?

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to source and transport many types of chemicals out of China. This has led to many buyers being cheated out of money by fraudsters in China who claim to be able to offer them products at below-cost prices.

Some firms use trading companies. While some are good many are not. This can lead to inconsistencies and products that may not always meet the client’s required specifications.

The best tip is to find a professional, reputable Oil Chemicals Supply firm that has a proven track record of supplying the industry. TCI provides Supply Chain Consulting Services to Drilling Fluid and Oil companies. They require support in buying directly from the factories or help in developing a new chemical compound at a factory in China.

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How to Source Oil Field Chemicals

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