Source from China for Amazon Marketplace

Source from China for Amazon Marketplace

Sourcing Goods from China for Your Amazon Store Explained

Source from China for Amazon Marketplace Listing – Amazon has enabled us all to become online sellers.

Amazon Marketplace is a service that enables third-party companies to partner with Amazon to list and sell products there. While there may be some issues with listing hijackers and race to the bottom prices, firms that make and market their own branded goods can maintain control of their prices and make good margins.

So many Small & Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are now using Amazon Marketplace as their route to market.

They are also searching worldwide for quality manufacturers who can produce their own branded products in small batch lots. But many are struggling to find new products or new suppliers.

So here is where this blog will hopefully shed some light and offer an approach to sourcing products from China and other countries for your Amazon Marketplace.


What is the best approach to Find Products for my Amazon Marketplace store?

Getting started on Amazon Marketplace is undoubtedly easier than setting up a website and warehouse. But what products do you want to list on Amazon? What products will bring sustainable business to your company AND allow you to keep a margin?

Many SMBs are now sourcing from suppliers who can produce their own branded products. Indeed, many look to India, China and other countries to offer this solution. But what is the best approach to find products for your Amazon Store?

The most successful approach to sourcing from international suppliers to break the process down into four stages:

  • Product Detailing & Supplier Research
  • Supplier Engagement
  • Trail Order
  • Review of Trail Order and Commencement of Regular Orders


How can I find suppliers from China for my Amazon Marketplace store?

Many people turn to Alibaba to find suppliers in China for their Amazon Store. But this is not the best approach and can lead to a deterioration in your amazon rating if you bring in improper or poorly made products.

You need to be going with a product to suppliers and not going to suppliers for a product.  This is why using Alibaba can bring a lot of difficulties as buyers search their listings and hope that their products will be made to market-accepted standards.

Many SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses) hire TCI for 12 hours to research suitable suppliers who can make the product that the SMB wants to list on Amazon Marketplace.


How do I engage with a Supplier in China for Products I list on Amazon Marketplace?

It’s a simple question of approach.

You should fully know your product plus your requirements for branding and packing. You should look at what levels of MOQs you can accept and which pricing levels you are willing to pay.

To get tips on negotiating, please visit a previous blog called “Tips on How to Negotiate with Suppliers”.

Many SMBs use TCI Chinas hourly services to engage and negotiate with potential suppliers.


How can I trial products on my Amazon Listing?

It is vital to trial orders. Amazon Marketplace enables many firms to trial products to get customer feedback and research what improvements are required to a product before placing a significant order with a supplier in China or any other country.

Trial orders are essential to test the product in the marketplace. Still, it is also crucial to try various elements of the newly built supply chain, including Quality Control Inspections, Logistics, Import Duties, Marketing Information and Production Times.

When listing the product on Amazon, I recommend that potential buyers are informed that this is a new beta test product and stock consists only of a small test volume. This information will enable buyers to be more open and supportive if there are any product issues.


How can I have the products checked that I list on my Amazon Marketplace?

The one thing that all Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) do not want to experience is receiving and selling defective products through their Amazon Marketplace store. Many want their products checked at the seller’s location before paying and shipping them out from the seller.

Many use a company called Goodada Quality Control Inspections.  Goodada offers Product Checks in over 76 countries. The main types of product checks which are helpful for SMBs who list their goods on Amazon include:


How can I reduce risks when I source products from China for my Amazon Store Listing?

There are some obvious and not so apparent ways to reduce risks.

  • Always check the Seller in China before you place an order with the. Hire a third-party Inspection company to visit and verify the seller. I have given the name of a company earlier in this article.
  • Have the products checked at the seller’s location before it is shipped out to Amazon
  • If you are branding a product, it is vital to have this trademarked in China. This will prevent other amazon competitors from getting the goods made in China and shipped out to Amazon. For more information about this, please read a blog about China Trademark services.
  • Hide your supplier data. Many SMBs who list on Amazon Marketplace do not know that competitors can find the names of their suppliers by using customs trade data firms such as Panjiva or ImportGenius. These firms collect the data from customs and make it available for their clients.

If you source products from China, there is a very high chance that your competitors on Amazon Marketplace can find out who you are buying from. But there is a way to prevent this from happening.  I discussed this in a previous article – Hide Supplier Data.


How can I find a company to help source products from China for my Amazon Store Listing?

TCI China has been helping firms source products from China for over 20 years. Since 2018 we have developed a specifically designed service to support Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) who list products on Amazon Marketplace to source their goods from China.

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How to Source from China your Amazon Marketplace Listing

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