Thermometers - For Checking Peoples Temperatures

Thermometers - For Checking Peoples Temperatures



Medical Thermometer – TCI China has been working with its thermometer manufacturing partners in Chine to offer leading quality thermometers. With the current Covid Pandemic, there is a requirement for quick and accurate temperature checking in any situation. TCI China provides a broad range of thermometers to suit any budget. Our thermometers ranges include:

  • Budget Glass Thermometers
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Infrared Non-Contact Medical Thermometers for Forehead
  • Infrared Medical Thermometer for Ear & Forehead

These Thermometers are suitable for most environments including, Schools, Kindergarten & Crèches, Government Agencies, Office & Work Settings and Public Transportation.

Contact TCI China now with your thermometer requirements and a member of our team will be delighted to discuss the options and prices with you.

Testing the Accuracy of an Infrared Thermometer.

Unlike probe thermometers, it is more challenging to test the accuracy of an infrared thermometer.

To test the accuracy of an infrared thermometer requires access to a stable surface of a known temperature. The following simple instructions should help you perform a field check of an IR thermometer at moderate temperatures.

1. The infrared thermometer should be at or near the room temperature where the test will be conducted.

2. Ensure that the lens or IR sensor is free of debris, grime, or condensation, which can affect the accuracy of the reading.

3. Distance to Target Ratio: The Distance to Target Ratio is usually indicated on each thermometer or in the instructions.

4. Field of View: The Laser should be used as a guide to help indicate the area you are testing.

5. Emissivity Setting: If your IR thermometer allows the setting of emissivity, it should be set for 0.95 to 0.97 for the tests.

6. Ice Water Test: Fill a glass with ice and add only enough water to fill the gaps between ice pieces. Allow the ice/water to rest for a minute or two. Stir a few times for uniformity. Hold the infrared thermometer directly over the top of the ice/water at a distance of about 3″ (7.62 cm). If you perform the test correctly, and your IR thermometer is accurate, it should read approximately 32.0°F or 0 degrees in Celsius.

7. Cup Test: This device allows you to compare the accuracy of an infrared thermometer to the results found from the Ice water test. The cup walls shield the surface from air currents in the room. The mass of the base provides for some stability in the temperature. Once inserted, the reference thermometer is allowed to stabilize for several minutes. The IR thermometer is then carefully pointed at the target inside the cup, using the same care as used with the ice/water test. The temperature should match the room temperature.

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