Face Shield & Safety Goggles

Face Shield & Safety Goggles

Face Shields & Safety Goggles

Face Shields & Safety Goggles

Face Shields & Eye Goggles – TCI China offers a range of excellent face shields and eye goggles which provides the wearer protection as well as providing them with as much comfort as possible. We offer products from the leading factories in China. Our entirely committed team are dedicated to delivering efficient, quality and cost control.

Face Shields

Face Shields are also known as spit guards are suitable equipment in Infectious disease control. The optimum face shields should come with an adjustable elastic attachment and foam cushion for the forehead cushion. The face shields can be anti-static. The products are suitable for hospitals, clinics, Care homes, Nursing homes, Primary care centres, GP’s, Police, Sheriff, University Police, Jail, and the hospitality industry.

Vented and Non-Vented Safety Googles

TCI China offers a range of vented and non-vented safety googles. The goggles are made to EN166-2001, certifications.

The goggles provide a broad, unobstructed field of vision and can be worn with most half-mask respirators. The transparent protective PVC body has been designed to be worn over eyewear and can provide protection against any impacts yet offer the wearer enhanced comfort.

These protective goggles have a clear lens, and they protect eyes from dust, particles and debris. These safety goggles are suitable for several applications and are essential eye equipment for keeping safe in specific hazardous environments.

The vented goggles provide wears with additional anti-mist features. The


Packing can be designed to meet your requirements, provide details of your packing artwork and shipping marks, and we will be delighted to organise for you.


Protective face shields and goggles are a mainstay of personal protection equipment, in environments where there are risks of splashes or fluid released through coughing. To offer proper protection and conform to relevant health and safety standards, it is vital that you thoroughly research the type of personal protective equipment that is suitable for your task.

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TCI China can offer a wide range of Medical PPE or Personal Protective Equipment, including (click on the product for additional information):

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