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Popular Products to Export to China | TCI China

Popular Products for China

 What Products to Sell to China? – Popular Foreign Products in China

All Sales Strategies which target a new export market need to include market research. The market research needs to include answers to the following questions:

  1. Does the product meet the standards and regulations of the targeted export market?
  2. Does the company need to be an approved exporter of these products to that market?
  3. Are there any cultural issues which may prevent the product from being accepted by the market?
  4. Are there any import duties or taxes which imposed on the products when they land into that market?
  5. What type of customer segment will the product’s target?
  6. Who are the competitors? What are their sales strategies?

China’s middle class will soon reach 550 million people. In purchasing-power-parity terms, their purchasing power range between Brazil and Italy.

The Chinese buyers are becoming more westernised in their buying habits and are now starting to “trade up” and becoming pickier in their tastes. They regard expensive products as intrinsically better than less expensive ones and are happy to try new things. They use the Internet to research other people’s feedback about a product.

According to small business trends, there are 20 types of foreign products which are in demand in China. These products are:

  1. Fresh Food

Chinese buyers like to buy fresh food products from countries which have good reputation for food quality and food quality control. Exports of fresh food have been steadily growing over recent years. However, this product can become an item which the government in China can impose restrictions on as a way of showing its political displeasure with any action from the products country of origin.

  1. Seafood

Chinese buyers love seafood. There are increasing health concerns over local Chinese seafood which has led to the rise in demand for foreign seafood.

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  1. Packaged Healthy Foods

There is a growing demand for healthy eating among the middle class in China. It has led to a need for imported packed foods such as dried fruits or whole grains.

  1. Trendy Snacks

Items such as chocolates, Kale chips, superfoods or cooked potato crisps are stylish in China. It indicates that there is a real sign of the westernisation of middle-class buyers in China. Market research for these products should focus in on Tier 1 cities.

  1. Fruit Juices

The consumption of exotic fruit juices is growing in China. Cranberry juice has recently been introduced into China, and the demand has been very positive.

  1. Wine & Alcoholic Beverages

Chinese buyers like to drink foreign brands of alcohol, such as whiskies and liqueurs. The consumption of these products has risen dramatically among the middle classes. Time is required to develop new drinks and brands. Market research is necessary to identify suitable regions in China which may be early adopters of any new drink product or brand.

  1. Baby Food

The Chinese middle class buyers trust foreign brands of baby food over domestic Chinese brands. It is a very tightly regulated and controlled market by the Chinese officials. Time is required to research the market and distribution channels properly.

  1. Breastfeeding Products

One of the critical aspects of Chinese culture is to provide babies which the best food possible. Breastfeeding is one such action. Chinese parents are looking to buy breastfeeding products from countries which are perceived to have high expertise in this area.

  1. Baby Accessories

Parents in China want to pay a premium price to ensure that their babies get the best opportunity in life. They trust the safety standards of western countries and want to try and raise their babies using products which are trusted by parents in the west.

  1. Maternity Ware

China has relaxed its one-child policy, so the demand for fashionable maternity wear is growing in China. Specialised and luxury foreign products may be of particular interest to buyers in China.

  1. Natural Cleaning Products

The Chinese middle-class witness daily the destruction chemicals are doing to the land, air and people. It is leading to strong demand for cleaning products manufactured using natural ingredients.

  1. Fashion Clothing

Foreign fashions and clothing brands are populate among the younger generation and the middle class in China. International clothing has become one of the most imported products in China. It is, in part, due to the rise of eCommerce sales in China.

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  1. Shoes

Shoes which are foreign styled and foreign-made are trendy in China. Premium brands from traditional shoemaking countries appeal to the middle-class market. Online sales again have aided international firms to develop sales in China.

  1. Jewellery

International jewellery displaying a foreign culture is trendy in China. Online stores have proved very good at finding customers for these products.

  1. Makeup

Makeup is a very popular product type and is very suitable for online sales in China. Western brands are seen as premium products by buyers in China.

  1. Skincare

Skincare made of natural ingredients is popular among the health-conscious in China. Market research should include an analysis of what natural ingredients are popular with buyers in China.

  1. Beauty Accessories

Unique beauty accessories are fashionable, especially in online sales.

  1. Vitamins & Supplements

Online sales of vitamins and supplements are getting more and more popular with the health-conscious middle class in China. Western products are held with high esteem when compared to local products; however, market research is necessary to determine if any government requirements or restrictions apply to the importation of these products.

  1. Sporting Goods

Sports and outdoors activities are growing in popularity among the middle class in China.

  1. Gadgets

The Chinese love technology and are always will to try new things. If your company produces a unique product, and it is not available in China, then there may be an opportunity.



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