Where to Find Furniture Manufacturers

Where to Find Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture Manufacturers are part of an industry that is probably one of the most globalised industries in the world. Many countries have their domestic furniture industry, and some have developed into global players.

For many importers, Covid has brought about a massive challenge that is causing many to search for new suppliers.  As you have arrived at this blog, you may be searching for new Furniture Manufacturers. You can use our Furniture Sourcing Services to help you find and develop new furniture suppliers for your business.

Below are some answers to questions that you may have. So, if you require a free 15-minute consultation on sourcing new furniture manufacturers, please do not hesitate to contact me.

How to identify a furniture manufacturer?

Many clients use TCIs services to help them identify and find furniture manufacturers. The first and foremost question is whether an importer wants to buy goods from a factory catalogue or identify a furniture manufacturer that can make furniture to their specifications and requirements.

The internet or trade associations are an excellent way to find manufacturers for the catalogue approach. Regarding identifying furniture manufacturers who can produce products to a buyers specification. TCI provides a sourcing consulting service for this. Our Furniture consultants specialise in Poland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China and Malaysia. This service is charged at an hourly rate.

Sourcing Furniture bedroom sets made in Italy and in Spain

While Italy is a global player, Spain is a hidden gem when sourcing bedroom furniture sets. Many factories dotted along Spain’s Mediterranean coastline produce high-quality and good value RTA / Flatpack furniture.

It is always advisable to hire a local expert who can work with you to source furniture bedroom sets in Italy or Spain. So, avoid using commission-only agents, as this can end up costing you more in terms of price and quality.

So, How can I buy Italian furniture from Italy?

One of TCI’s Furniture Sourcing consultants will chat with you and draw up a list of your Italian furniture requirements. A profile of a suitable Italy furniture manufacturer will also be created. Then, the consultant will research through our database and supplier network to identify and develop a list of potential suppliers in Italy who match your requirements.

After this has been done, you will be guided through each of the subsequent stages of the sourcing process. These stages are:

  • Supplier Engagement
  • Pre Trial Order
  • Trail Order
  • Trail Order Review & Commencement of Regular Orders


How to import furniture from China?

Those who want to know how to import furniture from China need to break the process down into a series of different stages:

  1. Prepare a detailed speciation sheet with technical drawings for your furniture products
  2. Search for suppliers in China who are qualified to make your products.
  3. Research the import duties and transport costs for the products.
  4. Visit the factory to meet and audit their quality control systems and production processes.
  5. Conduct a trial order purchase negotiation with them.
  6. Prepare purchase contracts and place a trial order.
  7. After you have received the trial order and tested the market with the products
  8. Use this test to build up feedback to improve the following order from the furniture manufacturer.


How do I know if a furniture manufacturer is good?

The best way to determine if a furniture manufacturer is good is to have an independent third-party Auditor visit the factory to conduct a Factory Audit on the furniture manufacturer.

The auditor will check the furniture manufacturers exporting and trading history, their certifications, quality control systems, and the type of machines they have in their factory.

The auditor will also review the factory’s current orders and see what stocks they have in place.

The above information will provide an insight into how busy the factory is. Therefore, one can conclude how good the factory is.

Where to buy bedroom furniture?

China is a global producer of bedroom furniture. However, other countries offer solutions to those who want to buy bedroom furniture. Other Asian countries include Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. European countries include Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Germany and France.

So, for buyers looking to source from these countries, it is recommended to hire an expert with the local market knowledge and networks. In addition, this person will also overcome any language and cultural issues you might face when dealing with furniture manufacturers.

How to source furniture and accessories from Indonesia?

TCI has a specialist team to help our clients source furniture and accessories from Indonesia. Our team of furniture consultants is experts in working with clients who require hardwood or other types of furniture products.

Furniture Manufacturers in Indonesia can offer buyers tremendous opportunities and value. However, buyers need to make sure that they identify and select the correct manufacturer to source their furniture.

Often many furniture manufacturers in Indonesia work on an order by order basis, so they do not have the cash to invest in raw materials for an order. Therefore, it often leads to them requesting cash from a buyer during several stages of the production process. This cash is used to pay their suppliers and pay the staff working on the order.

TCI China Contact Details

So, TCI China has been helping firms source products from China for over 20 years. Since 2018 we have developed a specifically designed service to support Small Medium Businesses (SMBs).

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