Factory Audits in China

Factory Audits in China

TCI China are proud to offer a comprehensive factory audit service for businesses manufacturing in China. We offer a complete range of product & factory inspections across China thanks to the experienced team of auditors & inspectors available through our sister company Goodada.

Not only can we carry out factory inspections in China, but in 75 countries across the world. Inspections start from as little as $329 and will furnish you with a comprehensive detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection being carried out. To book your factory inspection in China, get in touch with us below.

Chinese Factory Inspection Services

Supplier Verification Inspection

We visit and verify the existence of your selected manufacturer ensuring you have peace of mind throughout your dealings. In addition, we also provide a basic outline of the factory as part of this inspection service.

Extensive Factory Inspection Audit

Our extensive Factory Inspection Audit not only verify’s the existence of your selected manufacturer, but also asses the manufacturer according to:

  • International Quality Standards
  • Trading History
  • Product Production Ability

A very popular choice for business engaging new manufacturers in the China region.

Social Factory Audit

The Social Factory Audit asses the manufacturers working conditions and ensures they comply with international human rights & standards.


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