Vetted PPE Products and Suppliers from China

Vetted PPE Products and Suppliers from China

*** Single Use Medical Face Mask – EN14683 Grade now in stock in Ireland***

The COVID-19 Pandemic is sweeping across the world. This has led to a massive demand for Personal Protection Equipment such as Facemasks, Goggles, Gloves, Gowns etc.

Recently TCI China began to be contacted by panicked people seeking assistance to either find these products, do quality control inspections or help them to try and get their money back from fraudsters!

There are a lot of suspect sellers and products currently been offered in the market. This is not only fraudulent but it also puts peoples lives in danger plus it does not protect the frontline staff who are trying to protect these people.

So in this time of crisis, TCI has decided to use its expertise to assist organisations who urgently need to safely find vetted Suppliers and verified Personal Protection Equipment.

Covid-19 Products

Below is a list of the products which TCI China has already secured manufacturers for:

  • Facemasks
    • Disposable Medical Masks (EN14683)
    • Disposable Civilian Masks (EN149)
    • FFP2 Masks (Civilian)
    • KN95 Masks (Civilian)
    • Face Shields
    • Eye Goggles
  • Clothing
    • Disposable Surgical Gowns
    • Biohazard Suits
  • Disposable
    • Gloves
    • Caps
    • Shoe Covers
    • Hand Sanitizers
    • Digital Thermometers
    • Body BagsOther Items

If there are other products which are needed, please contact TCI and we will try and see if these can be sourced from any verified manufacturers in China.

Aidan Conaty – China Consultant

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