3M 1860 Face Masks

3M 1860 Face Masks

3M 1860 Masks

3M 1860 Masks

3M 1860 Masks – TCI has been working with its Supply Chain partners to access stocks of 3M 1860 masks during the pandemic. These masks are suitable for healthcare settings and can protect the wearer against certain airborne particles. The masks have been designed to provide a level of resistance to fluids and blood which can prevent the wearer from being infected. The masks are disposable. The masks are NIOSH N95 approved and are also FDA cleared for use as a surgical mask.
Using the standard ASTM F2101, which is the test method for evaluating the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of medical facemask materials, the 1860 masks achieve 99% efficiency.
3Ms 1860 mask meets the advice set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in relation to reducing exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
The mask is classified as fluid resistant using the ASTM F1862 standard.

These masks are suitable for use in most medical settings including:
• Operating Rooms,
• General Practice Clinics,
• TB Wards,
• Nursing and Patient Care,
• Maternity Units
• Emergency Rooms
• Disease or pandemic control

Other applications for use of the mask include:
• Agricultural Production,
• Airborne Biological Particles,
• Bagging,
• Dry Chemical Handling,
• Foundry Operations,
• Grinding,
• Petrochemical Manufacturing,
• Processing of Minerals,
• Sanding,
• Textile Operations

Main Features

The main features of the 3M 1860 masks are
• Braided Comfort Strap
• Nosefoam seal
• Braided Comfort Strap
• The color of the product is Teal
• Suitable for non-oil aerosol types
• Fluid resistance level is 120mm Hg
• Only suitable for protection from Particulates of Gas & Vapour
• The masks do not have an exhalation valve


The masks are packed in cases of 120 and are not individually wrapped.

MOQs and Pricing Requirements

The minimum order volume for 3M 1860masks is 10 million masks. The prices change on a daily basis. In order to be provided with a price and stock availability, the buyer is required to provide proof of funds (POF) and the Letter of Intent (LOI). For more information, please contact TCI via email, WhatsApp, or phone.

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