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Selling into China

Our China Contact Center offers a wide range of multi-channel China customer support services that allow you to increase your sales opportunities in China. All of our contact center services are available at local times in China.

China Buyer Finder Services

Find Potential Buyers in China
Do you want a cost effective way to find customers for your products in China? Our China Buyer Finder Service can identify potential customers in China for your products

China Telephone Support Services

Chinese Telephone Support Services
Do you want to grow sales, project your company image & provide a delightful customer experience to your Chinese customers? Our China telephone Customer Support Services will help you to acheive this.

China Virtual Office

Have an office in China with none of the Hassle
A virtual office in China is a wonderful way to test the waters of China before jumping in. Even if you eventually plan to have a physical office in China further down the line.

Mobile Media Services

China Mobile Media Services
Improve your customer service and increase sales opportunities in China by utilizing our expertise in dealing with Marketing and Promotional campaigns on mobile platforms such as WeChat.

China Email Handling Service

Support your Chinese Customers via Email
We ensure that emails from Buyers in China are replied to, in Chinese, within 2 hours. In fact our China Call Center aims to respond to 90% of all emails from Chinese Customers within one hour.

China Live Webchat Services

Immediate Customer Support on your website for Chinese buyers
Have a Chinese Live Chat Solution where Chinese visitors to your website can ask questions and recieve answers in their time zone. This can grow sales by better engaging customers in China

China Inspection

Inspection Services are an integral part of success when manufacturing products in any country...

China Assistance

Let’s face it – no one likes to think much about the obstacles when doing business in China...

China Business

A fundamental error made by many companies wishing to deal with China is poor planning...

China Legal & Financial

TCI China provide independent mediation dispute services between vendors and their Chinese suppliers.

China Sourcing

There are many challenges when starting something new. This applies when trying to source...