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Products & Services

We can’t always predict the road you take when bringing products from China. But a solid business plan with strong support services will help ensure that any unforeseen events won’t prevent you from reaching your destination. Whether you’re looking for a more secure supply chain network, increased competitive advantage, reduced costs or growing your business opportunities, TCI China wants you to reach your goals and objectives. In fact, it’s our mission to help our clients increase the value, wealth and opportunities offered by China.

Selling Into China

Looking to sell into China? We can help you find customers and provide cusotmer support in China

China Business

A fundamental error made by many companies wishing to deal with China is poor planning...

China Assistance

Let’s face it – no one likes to think much about the obstacles when doing business in China...

China Inspection

Inspection Services are an integral part of success when manufacturing products in any country...

China Legal &
Financial Services

The truth is that when doing business in China the goal is all about maximizing returns while minimizing risk.

China Sourcing

There are many challenges when starting something new. This applies when trying to source...


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