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Our History

In 2003 the directors visited China in search of products that they could provide the Catering Industry in Ireland.  Like many international Business visitors to China they saw many opportunities that China could provide their company.

Another visit was arranged where the directors met with local officials in Qingdao. After all proposals were approved, TCI China was awarded an exporting license by the Chinese Authorities, which allowed TCI to establish a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), office and staff in Qingdao, China. This exporting license allows TCI China to independently export products out of China, without the use of any Chinese agents.

TCI China discovered that doing business in China was completely different than it was in the Western World. It realised that an opportunity existed to provide business solutions to Small and Medium Western enterprises which could enable them to properly access all the advantages that Chinese Industry has to offer.

TCI China has invested over €1million and 4 years in researching, developing and testing potential Business Solutions that Small and Medium Enterprises would require when doing business in China.

China Inspection

Inspection Services are an integral part of success when manufacturing products in any country...

China Assistance

Let’s face it – no one likes to think much about the obstacles when doing business in China...

China Business

A fundamental error made by many companies wishing to deal with China is poor planning...

China Legal & Financial

TCI China provide independent mediation dispute services between vendors and their Chinese suppliers.

China Sourcing

There are many challenges when starting something new. This applies when trying to source...