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China Legal & Financial Services

The truth is that when doing business in China the goal is all about maximizing returns while minimizing risk. Turning these goals into reality takes more than wishful thinking.

That’s where TCI China comes in by offering products and services that will assist your business to achieve these goals. You can choose what you need to ensure your goals happen.

Bi-Lingual Contracts

A professional and legally binding contract between a European company and Chinese manufacturer plays an important role in establishing a secure business relationship between both parties. It sets the standards of products to be produced, all terms and conditions agreed between both parties covering areas such as product warranties, defect resolution and timeframes. TCI China provides European companies with Bi-Lingual contracts (contracts written in both English and Chinese) that outline all compulsory contractual information, thus minimising the risks of problems occurring.

International Banking

Letters of Credit, Bank guarantees and transferring of funds across to China can be costly due to high bank charges and poor internal banking exchange rates. TCI China have developed partnerships with some of the worlds leading foreign exchange companies, thus saving significant funds to all our clients. All International Funds Transfers can be coordinated through this package at the most favourable exchange rates thus ensuring significant savings and security of funds.

Import Trade Tariff & Duty Research  

Through this service, research is conducted into the trade tariffs and duties of products sourced from China. This ensures that Clients are not hit with prohibitive tariffs and duties  that may eliminate trade advantages from sourcing from China.

Strategic Financial Planning

This will assist Clients to increase retention of their profits gained from sourcing from China by efficient tax management and planning.

Manufacturer Dispute Mediation Services

TCI China provides Independent Dispute Mediation services between European Vendors and their Chinese Suppliers.
TCI China’s independence and knowledge of both European and Chinese business practices and customs assists in finding the most appropriate resolution to any dispute.

China Inspection

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China Assistance

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China Business

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China Legal & Financial

TCI China provide independent mediation dispute services between vendors and their Chinese suppliers.

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