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A. TCI China provides a comprehensive range of  value adding services that will assist all  companies that are currently doing business in China. The services that we can assist your company would be in Inspection Services, China Assistance Services, Legal & Financial Services.

A. Absolutely we can. Our company has a section that has been specifically designed to assist your companies requirements. Our target will be to have you set up and independently getting your products from China in the most efficient and secure manner possible.

A. As an independent reviewer we can become your eyes and ears in China, with our direct local knowledge we can research and review any factories that you are interested in doing business with. We can also provide independent Inspection Services for products that you are currently sourcing from China

A.Yes we can, with our Manufacturer Mediation Service, we will act as an honest and independent party who has knowledge and respect for both  Western and Chinese cultures. From our experience we find that when both parties agree to avail of our services resolution is not far behind.

A.We provide a Trade Show Assistance Service. We will work with you prior to your visit and research into your chosen trade show to ensure that you make the most of you time while you are there. We will also attend the trade shows with you and we will also make a report on all the day’s events noting any stands and products that you were interested in.

A.With our Translation & Manufacturer Negotiation services, we believe that you will come to China in the strongest possible position. Our trained negotiators have a proven track record in ensuring you get the best deal whilst ensuring that your product quality is not compromised.

A.We will can assist your company in drawing up contacts covering areas such as product warranties, defect resolution and timeframes. TCI China provide European companies with Bi-Lingual contracts (contracts written in both English and Chinese) that outline all compulsory contractual information, thus minimising the risks of problems occurring.

A.Once a contact has been signed, it will take circa 65 days to receive your goods.  Manufacturing times are approximately 30 days, followed by another 35 days of transit time by sea to Europe.

A.After developing your China strategy, we will link you with manufacturers who can provide you with quantities and prices appropriate to your business.

A.An agency can be established with a manufacturer provided the client reaches sufficient volumes.  TCI China will provide bilingual agency contracts between both parties..

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